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Two Step Narrative Typing

For some people, landing on your number can take some time. Online tests are convenient and an ok place to start your journey but can often lead to mistyping. Taking an online test simply gives you a snap shot in time and we are not always honest with ourselves as we answer. Also, and most importantly, the Enneagram is all about motivation not just behavior, and this is hard to measure in an online test.

The first typing session, around 1 hour over the phone, will help you narrow down your type and give you some next steps to confirm it. We will discuss your childhood as well as current relationships and life situations in order to identify type markers. We will then followup 3-4 weeks later to discuss insights you've had and address additional questions. I will also give you resources to explore between sessions.

If you've read a book or attended a workshop or just had some friends try to type you, and you still aren't quite sure, this two step narrative approach to typing has proven to be very successful and is a great way to finally identify your type. Cost is $99 through PayPal.

"Most people when they first look at the Enneagram find a quiz or test to help them identify their type. While I found that interesting, I quickly discovered the Enneagram is interpersonal and much more in depth than an online assessment. I had a hunch about my number, but talking with Casey was both re-assuring and confirming.  We were able to determine some of the struggles and strengths in the number and it was great to have an objective perspective.  I’ve been on this journey for some time and found the narrative testing to be a great benchmark along the way." - Rebecca Capistrant, Atlanta, Georgia

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