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Discover The Enneagram Workshop

This is an introductory workshop that provides an overview of the system and an in-depth exploration of each of the nine types. It helps people discern their own number, provides insight into how each number approaches work and relationships, and shows the importance of self-awareness for service and leadership. (Online tests are really not sufficient for most people and can easily lead to mistyping.) 

This workshop is perfect for church groups, church staffs, businesses, civic groups, nonprofits, schools, universities, and any other group interested in learning about the Enneagram.

*Workshops are typically a 9-3 time frame but can be accommodated for conferences, retreats and other settings. Hybrid of Discover The Enneagram and Know Your Team also available.

Workshop materials included. 

"We had Casey come out for a day at our nonprofit’s team retreat and conduct his Discover the Enneagram workshop and it was a great experience! Most of our team was completely new to the Enneagram and left with a great understanding of all the different types and resources to keep exploring and discovering on our own. In the past few weeks since the retreat we have been able to have some great conversations about how our type affects our work and team interactions. Definitely recommend Casey for helping bring insight and understanding to your team! He does a great at balancing time covering all the information as well as addressing any specific questions." -Kristin Sheehy, Dallas.

"Casey led a retreat for our ministry staff, and it was easily one of the best experiences we’ve had.

Many of us are still talking about that weekend, and all of us have used the material

to strengthen ourselves and our ministries."

-Josh Kingcade, Education Minister, Memorial Rd. Church of Christ, Edmond, OK

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