Can we be honest here? Most marriage resources give you some great ideas which you use... for about a week. And that is because they are often focused simply on behavior. The beauty and power of the Enneagram is that it shows us our underlying motivations, helping us understand why we do the things we do which is crucial for navigating intimate relationships.

The Enneagram digs below the surface so we can see clearly and better understand ourselves first and then those around us. The very best thing you can do for your marriage is work hard at being healthy in your own number. If you want to make marriage more difficult, spend your time and energy trying to change your spouse. 

This workshop will give you an overview of the system and help you discern your number but will also focus on the unique challenges (and gifts!) of your number within a marriage or committed relationship. It will also give you specific steps to deal with conflict and improve communication and intimacy.  


*Workshops are typically a 9-4 time frame but can be accommodated for retreats, conferences, and other settings. Workshop materials included.

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