Do Good. Better. 

Discover The Enneagram: Designed for your staff, volunteers, and other leaders who want to learn more about the Enneagram. This is an introductory workshop that provides an overview of the system and an in-depth exploration of each of the nine types. It will help you discern your own number, give you insight into how your number affects your organization, and show you the importance of self-awareness in leadership. (Online tests are an ok place to start your Enneagram journey but are really not sufficient for most people and can easily lead to mistyping.)

Know Your Team: For staff, volunteers, and other leaders who know their number. We will explore the strengths and challenges that each number brings to a team, how to improve communication between numbers, how each handles conflict, and address the unique challenges of nonprofit work, including self-care and burnout, volunteer recruitment, and board and donor relations. 

*Workshops are typically a 9-4 time frame but can be accommodated for work retreats and others settings. Workshop materials included.

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