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Know Your Team Workshop

In this workshop we will explore the strengths and challenges that each number brings to a team. This includes; how to improve communication between numbers, how each handles conflict, and how to come together to best achieve the mission and vision of your organization. 

Workshops are typically a 9-3 time frame but half days are also available and can be accommodated for conferences, retreats and other settings. Workshop materials included.

"Casey is clear and concise and an amazing facilitator. He helped our group to really understand each of the Enneagram types and gave us time to ask questions for clarification. I would highly recommend having Casey facilitate an Enneagram Workshop for your team. He will teach your team how to use the Enneagram as a tool for self-discovery and will leave them with tangible ways to continue in their learning and skill development."

-Jamie Mullins, Campus Pastor, Cross Timbers Church, Argyle, Texas

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