So you know your number.

Now what? 

Explore Session: In this 75 minute session we will explore issues of your type that you want to discuss. This can be anything from habitual patterns of behavior to relationship challenges  

and with Casey's guidance you will gain clarity and practical steps to move forward. Cost is $79.

Beyond Your Number Sessions: In these four 1 hour sessions, we will utilize all the aspects of the Enneagram to deepen your self-awareness and improve your work and relationships. Cost is $350.

Session One: In our first session together we will discuss your Enneagram journey so far, your goals and expectations, and dive deeper into your types core struggles, core virtue,

and childhood messages.


Session Two: In this session you will learn how to best utilize your stress and security arrows, centers of intelligence, wings, and subtypes. We will also examine levels of health and defense mechanisms of your type.


Session Three: This session will be all about relationships; marriage, parenting, work, friendships. You will gain insight into the unique relational challenges of your type and how to better communicate with other types. 

Session Four: In this final session, we will discuss any other issues that might come up during our time together, and you will leave with specific practices and resources

to continue your journey. 

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