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No magic pill.

No next big thing.

Just a small gathering for those who are willing to open up

and do the hard work of healing and growth. 



Moving Beyond Knowing Your Number: Mon-Wed, March 25-27

  • For clergy and ministry leaders who know their number but want to go deeper. We will explore:

    • Levels of health within your type and how to recognize red flags so you can stay healthy.  

    • The best ways to use your wings and stress and security arrows.

    • How to remain balanced in your centers of intelligence; Thinking, Feeling, and Doing.

    • And how to deal with the specific defense mechanisms of your type. 

  • You will walk away with clear steps and sustainable disciplines to care for your own spiritual health and to improve your marriage, parenting, and other relationships. Spouses are not only welcomed but encouraged to attend. 

  • This weekend is for you, not your ministry. 

  • Cost covers all food and lodging for both nights. (And the food is great.) 

    • Individuals: $595 for a room with a single bed, $515 for a room with two single beds and a roommate.  

    • Couples: $950 for a room with two single beds. 

Family Systems, Congregational Life & The Enneagram: Mon-Wed, Sept. 9-11

  • We will look at the ways your own family history affects your approach to ministry.

    • The past patterns of your own family, whether you realize it or not, have a powerful impact on how you care for others.  

  • We will also engage the work of Edwin Friedman (Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church & Synagogue) and Ronald Richardson (Creating a Healthier Church: Family Systems Theory, Leadership and Congregational Life) and help you apply them to your own setting using the lens of the Enneagram. 

    • Combining Family Systems Theory & The Enneagram ​provides tremendous insight into how congregations handle conflict, how they communicate, and how well they treat their pastors. 

  • We will also explore how to broaden your preaching, teaching, worship, and pastoral care to reach all 9 types within your congregation and community.

    • Congregations tend to over emphasize certain aspects of the gospel and downplay others. And certain Enneagram types to do the same thing. Your church may appeal to 3's, 7's, and 8's and the church down the road may appeal to 4's, 5's and 9's. We will discuss how to provide spiritual formation opportunities that connect deeply to everyone. 

  • Cost covers all food and lodging for both nights.  

    • $595 for a room with a single bed, $515 for a room with two single beds and a roommate.  

*In addition to teaching and group discussion, both weekends will utilize a narrative approach to the Enneagram. This involves panel Q&A's so you will hear from all 9 types themselves. 

Location: Montserrat Retreat Center

  • A beautiful Jesuit retreat center in Lake Dallas, Texas 

  • 30 minutes from DFW airport

  • Click HERE to see more

*Spots will be limited to 30 for each retreat* 

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