For ​Pastors

Know Your Church: This workshop provides an overview of the system and the nine types, but is designed specifically for church staffs and those in leadership.  It will help you discern your own number but also show you how your number shapes the way you approach ministry. You will also learn how to better lead and serve all nine types within your church. (It is very helpful for church leadership to have attended a Know Your Church workshop prior to offering Discover The Enneagram in their community.) 

Know Your Team: For ministers, support staff, and other leaders who know their number. We will explore the strengths and challenges that each number brings to a team, how to improve communication between numbers, how each handles conflict, and how to come together to best achieve the mission and vision of your church. 

For Congregations 

Discover The Enneagram: Designed for members of your congregation and local community who want to learn more about the Enneagram. This is an introductory workshop that provides an overview of the system and an in-depth exploration of each of the nine types. It will help people discern their own number as they begin their Enneagram journey. (Online tests are convenient and an ok place to start but are really not sufficient for most people and can easily lead to mistyping.) 

Know Your Path: Each number has their own unique challenges and barriers to spiritual growth. This workshop provides specific spiritual disciplines for each number and dives deeper into Scripture to explore different stories and teachings of Jesus that will help each number grow. 

*Workshops are typically a 9-4 time frame but can be accommodated for retreats, conferences, and other settings. Workshop materials included. 

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